Neon Workshops

The Joy Of Neon!
Spend the day learning about the basics of neon lights. We will cover a brief history of neon, its applications, the design process and spend time in the fires learning what it’s like to bend glass. Students will have an opportunity to make simple, abstract shapes using the crossfire and ribbon burner and practice welding tubes together using the hand torch. I will demonstrate the process of bombarding and filling glass tubes with gas. At the end of the day, you will leave with a neon light that you helped make with your very own hands, and a transformer to power it.
         $375..00  *price includes small neon transformer

Level Up!
This is for folks who already have experience bending neon tubes, but need help with improving their technique or would like to focus on specific areas they find challenging such as circles, welds, text, bending to the pattern, etc….At the beginning of the day, we will discuss your goals so that by the end of our time together you leave feeling more confident to take your bending to the next level.


Workshops take place over the course of one day and are approximately 5 hours. The are a one on one experience which provides personal, individualized instruction.  Email me to inquire about scheduling.