The reworking of a neon art piece.

I had this unfortunate thing happen to one of my neon pieces where it fell off the wall of my neon studio and smashed into pieces. I really liked that piece too. 🙁 This is it. “Awaken”

It’s made from 8mm clear glass filled with argon and mounted onto a vintage lazy susan.  The center is a baby doll face lit from behind with white neon, and the yellow ring around it is made from noviol gold. Those glowing red dots are made using a technique where I blow a hole into the neon tube, then fill it in with colored glass.

It fell off my studio wall while I was away on vacation. This is what I found when came home.

As you can imagine, I was really bummed out!  But it wasn’t completely broken and I really like the piece, so I decided that I would remake the broken glass, and bring it back to life. I wanted to change things up a bit so I redesigned the rays to make them a little wider than the old ones.

I didn’t want to have to move the existing tube supports, so it took some time to get the pattern just right so the new glass landed perfectly on the tube supports.

After figuring out the new layout, I commenced bending the new tube but this time in uncoated noviol gold, rather than clear glass like the original. Here are a few pictures of the glass bending in progress.

I also remade the neon tube that was behind the piece, which gives it the backlit glow. This time, I went with a bluish/purple tube, instead of the original orange.

Here’s the finished piece.
Awaken. Again!

I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.